ACE Bleach Classic 1L

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ACE Classic Bleach  guarantees protection for your  home  and your  laundry.  Thanks to sodium hypochlorite  it sanitizes  surfaces and laundry in depth.

Thanks to the exclusive Protect-Fibre technology, it wraps the fibres and protects them during washing, helping to keep the garments like new! It also sanitizes and removes more than 90% of pollen, dust, mite and pet allergens.



For  a deep cleaning action  on surfaces, first clean the surface with water and detergent. Apply a solution of water and bleach prepared using 200ml of Ace for every liter of water. For better sanitation, leave it to act for at least 5 minutes. For floors, let it air dry, without rinsing, otherwise for small surfaces, rinse and let it air dry.

In case of  normal dirt,  dilute a glass (150 ml) of ACE Classica in 5 litres of water and clean without rinsing.

In case of  stubborn dirt , apply ACE Classica directly on the dirt and finally rinse, or pour two glasses (300 ml) of ACE Classica in 5 litres of water and clean without rinsing.

Suitable for use on non-porous surfaces: floors, bathroom surfaces (toilet, shower, tub, sink, bidet), tables and desks, furniture and shelves, door and window handles, light switches, kitchen surfaces and utensils, objects in contact with pets, etc

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