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Fonte Essenziale  is a mineral water of thermal origin, with a composition low in Sodium and rich in Sulphates and Magnesium , which helps the detoxifying function of the liver and positively stimulates the activity of the intestine, favouring proper evacuation.

An essential source is the Antica Fonte natural mineral water, which protrudes from the Boario thermal baths , in the Camonica valley, in the province of Brescia. It is classified as mineral water of thermal origin, rich in mineral salts and of the "Sulphate-Calcic-Magnesian" type.

Due to its low sodium content and in accordance with current regulations, Fonte Essenziale falls within the category of mineral waters that are indicated in low-sodium diets. Source Essential, thanks to its unique mineral composition, can also have diuretic effects.

Drinking two glasses of Fonte Essenziale at room temperature before breakfast every day promotes the restoration of natural digestive processes and helps regulate normal liver and intestine functions.

The first results are visible after two weeks, but to fully benefit from its beneficial effects, constant and prolonged use is recommended.

The natural action of Fonte Essenziale contributes :

  • To the proper functioning of the production of bile and the liver, resulting in a positive effect on the workload of the intestine.
  • To the improvement of digestive and intestinal function.

The overall action of this water on the two organs therefore translates into:

  • In improving the conditions related to the digestion and absorption process in case of non-pathological disorders, thanks to the stimulation of bile production and intestinal functions;
  • In the regulation of peristalsis and intestinal motility;
  • In improving the digestibility of nutrients, in particular fats and proteins;
  • In stimulating the secretion of the intestinal hormone cholecystokinin, essential for the regulation of liver-intestine interactions in the digestive process, through the action of sulphates;
  • In the stimulation of biliary secretion and duodenal bicarbonates, through the action of Calcium and Magnesium
  • In the modulation of gastric acidity through the regulation of the action of gastrin thanks to the presence of bicarbonates.

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