Acqua Rocchetta Still Mineral Water 6x1.5L

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Rocchetta is a hypotonic natural mineral water . 

Characterized by its low content of mineral salts (fixed residue at 180 ° C 181.6 mg / l), it is rapidly absorbed in the digestive system and equally rapidly conveyed to the kidney where it stimulates diuresis .

It is a particularly "light" water also due to its low sodium content (only 3.87 mg / l ) which normalizes the hydrosaline exchange, stimulating the removal of excess sodium from the connective tissues which can favor the onset of cellulite and localized adiposity.

The use of mineral waters such as Rocchetta, for their triple action of increasing urinary flow, stimulation of the contractility of the ureter and control of urinary density, is recommended in the prevention of kidney stones .

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