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Amaro Montenegro

The Amaro Montenegro recipe involves the use of 40 aromatic herbs and a complex extraction and mixing process that make the product unique and inimitable. 

Precisely to protect the recipe from imitations, the founder Stanislao Cobianchi chose to keep the original, transcribed in his own hand, in the safe. From the selection of the raw material, passing through the extraction, up to the "blending", it is a long and articulated path, whose stages have been respected for generations. 

Even today the ingredients, the doses and the manufacturing processes are the same, jealously guarded in the company by very few people including the Master Herbalist, who has the task of checking that each step is carried out in a workmanlike manner, respecting the original recipe transcribed by Stanislao Cobianchi.
Let's follow this fascinating journey ...

Our Amaro was born in 1885 with the name of Elixir Lungavita and immediately received considerable recognition.

Only eleven years later, on the occasion of the marriage of the charming Princess Elena of Montenegro to Prince Vittorio Emanuele III, Stanislao decides to dedicate
his elixir to that royal figure, thus changing the name to Amaro Montenegro.

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