Baratti & Milano Soft Amaretti In Tin 145g

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Baratti & Milano Soft Amaretti In A Beautifully Decorated Tin

Born in nineteenth-century Sassello in Liguria, on the border of Piedmont, Amaretto emerged from an artisan oven.

This specialty confection owes its exquisite consistency to a few carefully chosen ingredients and an artisanal touch. Baratti & Milano preserves this tradition, offering an Amaretto with a unique bittersweet aroma of almonds and armellines.

Enjoy a soft and fragrant Amaretto that will stay fresh for a long time, as if you had just pulled it out of the oven.


Sugar, EGG white, ALMONDS (23%), Apricot ALMONDS (23%), Preservatives: Potassium Sorbate, Natural Flavours

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