Borotalco Talcum Powder 100g

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The best talcum powder for skin since 1878

100% Italian talc  of very fine  natural  powder which is characterized by the unparalleled quality of its formulation.

– Absorbent, refreshing and velvety properties
– Allows the skin pores to breathe naturally
– Ideal for multiple uses on the skin of adults and children
– Also suitable for the most sensitive skin

Talc Borotalco: a velvety powder for the body

Who isn't fascinated by the softness of talcum powder ? For many it recalls a delicate caress , because Borotalco talc has had the pleasant task of pampering the skin since 1878 and its properties are appreciated today not only by children, but also by many men and women who do not give up the velvety well-being of scented body talc .

Pure talc of 100% Italian origin

Borotalco Talc stands out for the high quality of the powder it is made of; a safe and natural product that derives from the extraction, selection, drying, pulverization and decontamination processes of talc from the Italian mine of Val Chisone (Turin) whose mineralogical purity is continuously demonstrated and controlled.

Talc Borotalco: ingredient with a thousand uses

Borotalco pure talc is an extremely versatile ingredient, which cannot be missing from the beauty routine of adults and children.

Nowadays Borotalco talc is not just for children : its uses are infinite and its extra fine powder finds many applications both in the cosmetic field, in personal hygiene and even in home care.

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