Cameo Ciobar Classic Drinking Chololate 5 Sachets

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Classic Ciobar taste

With its unmistakable taste and its irresistible creaminess, Ciobar gives warmth to the coldest days. 

Alone or in company, with family or friends, every moment is the right one to enjoy a good cup of Ciobar. Warm, thick, creamy. 

The package contains 5 bags of 25 g each for a total of 125 g.

Ciobar thickens immediately when it comes to a boil!

In the saucepan
- Pour the contents of a sachet into the saucepan
- Stir by adding 125 ml of milk a little at a time
- Heat over moderate heat and stir until it thickens
- Pour Ciobar into the cup and enjoy your greedy pampering!

In the microwave
- Pour the contents of one sachet into the cup
- Stir by adding 125ml of milk a little at a time
- Cook at 750 watts for one minute or 950 watts for 50 seconds
- Enjoy your sweet treat!
- To increase the density, extend cooking by 10 "at a time. To prepare several cups together, cook at 750w for 2 '

Ingredients: sugar, low- fat cocoa, corn starch, salt, flavoring.


Store in a cool and dry place

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