Cannonau Di Sardegna Doc "Valmell" 75cl 14% vol

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Introducing Cannonau di Sardegna Doc "Valmell": a uniquely balanced red wine with complexity of character. Its robust tannins are balanced with full-bodied velvety notes and fascinating finesse, making it a must-have for oenophiles who appreciate flavour and subtle sophistication.

Experience the essence of Sardinia with every sip.

Valmell is a young, balanced cannonau, perfect for daily consumption and easy to pair with food. Its name means "Vermiglio", "red" in our Algherese language. It has a great balance of tannins and is at the same time full-bodied and of great finesse, velvety but vigorous, like Sardinia.

It means "Vermilion", "red" in our Algherese language. It is a young cannonau with a balance of tannins such as to give it typicality, but suitable for daily consumption and easy to combine with food.

Color : Intense, lively and brilliant ruby ​​red.
Perfume : Intense and of great finesse.
Taste : Dry, full and warm, velvety but vigorous, very harmonious with a characteristic base, rightly tannic.
Accompaniments : It goes well with red meat dishes, game and aged cheeses.
Serving temperature : 18° C – 20° C
Alcohol : 13% – 13.5% vol.

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