Chante Clair Vert Universal Degreaser 625ml

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Chante Clair Vert Universal Degreaser

The Universal Degreaser is super powerful on all types of dirt.

Ideal for cleaning inside and outside the home: degreases, stains and thoroughly cleans kitchens, ovens, hoods, grills, slicers, worktops, shutters and garden furniture.

Also suitable as a pre-treatment for the laundry of white and coloured garments.

In all the Chanteclair Vert Ecodetergents formulas, only 100% surfactants of vegetable origin are always used, derived for example from palm oil which, not only represents a vegetable source, but is even renewable. In fact, by "renewable source" we mean a natural resource which, due to its own and congenital characteristics or as a result of human cultivation, is renewed over time and is therefore


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