Parmalat Chef Besciamella Light 500ml

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 Parmalat Chef Besciamella Light

Chef Besciamella Leggera, is a special help in the kitchen: it is made only with natural ingredients and has the taste of Classic Béchamel, but with a reduced fat content.

It can be used as an ingredient to enrich first courses such as cannelloni , lasagna and ravioli, and is perfect on meat or fish main courses and for gratinating vegetables.

Thanks to its reduced fat content - 50% fat compared to the classic Chef béchamel - it is suitable for a more controlled and light diet, but without any sacrifice of taste.

Also very good on baked fish, Chef Besciamella Leggera is always ready when you want to cook something different and refined , with the certainty of the result and without the commitment of preparation. She is present in the practical 500 ml format.

Practical, creamy and delicious, Light Béchamel is just like the sauce you can make at home, but it is lighter and more delicate. You can therefore use it without regret to add creaminess and to flavour your favourite dishes, giving a delicious note to each recipe.

If you love pasta dishes with white sauce, it will become one of your favourite ingredients for seasoning pasta, both long and short.

Once heated, you can combine it with other tasty ingredients, such as bacon, mushrooms or something more refined like shrimp and zucchini, to create mouth-watering sauces and toppings.

Try it also for gratin dishes: creamy and dark, it will make your baked pasta crunchy and tasty, and it will enhance the taste of vegetables au gratin, making adults and children appreciate their enveloping taste.


Partially skimmed milk, cream, wheat flour, corn starch, salt.

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