Collesi Artisan Beer Bionda 33cl 6% Vol

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Collesi Bionda Artisan

Elegant and surprising
The foam of this elegant Collesi Bionda Craft Beer is full, creamy and at the same time very fine-grained and pleasantly light in texture. The structure is important and round. Obtained from Pilsen-Munich malt, unpasteurized and naturally refermented in the bottle, the Collesi Bionda Craft Beer releases aromas of yeast, vanilla, freshly baked bread crust and honey. And it reveals fruity notes and marked hints of hops in bloom and malt on the palate.

Food matches
This Collesi Bionda Craft Beer with its rich and refined profile, is ideal for enhancing pasta dishes, even rich and elaborate ones, and is perfect in combination with risottos such as the classic Milanese recipe with saffron. It goes very well with fish starters and main courses and with seafood such as scallops. The Collesi Bionda Craft Beer enhances, without weighing it down, the intense taste of hard or semi-hard aged cheeses such as pecorino.

Grado Plato: 14.5

Grado Alcolico: 6% vol

Ingredients: Monte Nerone Water, Barley Malt , Sugar, Hops and Yeast.

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