Collesi Artisan Beer Rossa 33cl

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Collesi Artisan Beer Rossa 

Deep and full of character
The delicately coppery foam and the amber red colour of this Collesi Rossa Craft Beer make it a beer with an unmistakable character. Obtained from selected malts and hops, unpasteurized and with natural refermentation in the bottle, Collesi Red Craft Beer stands out for its intense aromas of caramel, dark spices, malt and toasted hazelnuts. The prolonged aromatic persistence is combined with a sweet taste, enriched with mineral notes.

Food matches
With its caramelized aromas, the Collesi Red Craft Beer is an excellent accompaniment to the hints of vinegar in marinated vegetables and the sweet and sour of aubergine caponata. Among the cheeses, the ideal pairing with grana padano or flaked parmigiano reggiano and cheeses with a flowery rind. The spicy and caramel notes of this Collesi Red Craft Beer create a delicious combination with sautéed mussels. Excellent at the end of the meal, to enhance the moment of dessert, in particular dry pastries and chocolate biscuits.

Grado Plato: 19

Grado Alcolico: 8% vol

Ingredients: Monte Nerone Water, Barley Malt, Sugar, Hops and Yeast.

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