Baratti & Milano Assorted Chocolates Gianuiotto Window Box 196g

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Baratti & Milano Assorted Chocolates Gianuiotto "Myth & Travel"- Classic & Extra Noir 

 In the mid-nineteenth century, when Napoleon's continental blockade made cocoa as valuable as gold, Gianduiotto Baratti & Milano was born.

An inventive combination of cocoa and hazelnut, its trademark inverted boat shape soon captivated the world and has been lovingly recreated in this new Dark Gianduiotto product, an exquisite offering crafted according to the original recipe.


Sugar, HAZELNUTS, Cocoa mass, Cocoa butter, whole MILK, powder, Fat-reduced Cocoa, Emulsifier: SOYA lecithin

May contain traces of other NUTS

Gluten Free

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