Distilleria Marzadro Amaro (Bitter) 70cl 30%

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Distilleria Marzadro Bitter Krauterlikor

Amaro Marzadro is inspired by the ancient recipes of herbal liqueurs from the Trentino tradition.

 Since the 1950s Attilio and Sabina Marzadro have been collecting aromatic plants and herbs on the Monte Baldo massif, 2218 m above sea level, with which to flavor their distillates. 

After being carefully selected, Cape Aloe, Alpine Rhubarb, Greater Gentian, Chamomile, Fennel, Holy Thistle, Galega and the different varieties of Yarrow are left to macerate cold for a period ranging from 20 to 30 days . 

Its red color is also given by the rhubarb which gives the liqueur a bitter and fresh flavor at the same time.

Perfume: aromatic, herbaceous
Structure: bitter, fresh

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