Pinsa Romana Base 230g

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Pinsa Romana Base

In oval shape, a mix of wheat and soy flour, rice, Mother Dough, low in fat and sugar: the revolution in the world of pizza is served.
With its typical oval shape, the Pinsa Romana is crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside and very light.
Our precooked Pinsa Romana bases are exclusively made by hand. After a slow natural leavening lasting 72 hours, our Pinsa-maker artisans spread out each base by hand which, subsequently, is quickly pre-cooked. 
The mix of flour we created for its preparation is composed of wheat and soy flour, to which rice and Mother Dough are added. The result is a hydrated dough, without any fats or sugars.
An explosion of flavour that won't weigh you down.



Wheat flour, water, wheat sourdough (15%), rice flour, soy flour, extra virgin olive oil, salt, yeasts.

May contain traces of mustard

The product should be consumed after cooking in the oven for 5-8 minutes at 240c

(The cooking times are indicative, they may vary according to the type of oven and the degree of cooking required)

Store in the refrigerator

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