Luglio Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP Terra Di Bari 1L

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Luglio Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP Terra Di Bari 1L

Produced in the province of Bari, Italy, "Luglio" is a brand that provides Extra Virgin Olive Oil from cold-pressed olives. This oil has low acidity and a distinct yellow-green color.

It includes Italian olive oil certified as DOP Bari, providing superior quality at an excellent value.

The protected designation of origin (DOP) is the important recognition of the value and quality with which the European Community guarantees consumers the area of ​​origin and the typicality of our extra virgin olive oil produced in the " Terra di Bari ".

The environmental conditions and the cultivation methods of the olive groves in our province of Bari give the DOP oil those peculiar characteristics which make it a highly prized extra virgin olive oil. The cultivation methods and pruning systems must be the traditional ones, designed to maintain the original characteristics of the olives.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP-superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means

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