Distilleria Marzadro London Dry Gin Limited Edition 70cl 45%

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Luz Gin London Dry / Limited Edition

Ideal for a Gin & Tonic, combined with dry tonic water, sublime for the preparation of a Naked Martini, excellent to taste individually. 

The maceration of 9 Trentino botanicals is carried out in 2 different phases. The juniper macerates for 20 days, the rest of the botanicals (Olive; Woodruff; Laurel; Rosemary; Sage; Clary Sage; Mint) for 48 hours. 

The two macerations are combined in the still, leaving the botanicals immersed and adding Garda lemon peels.

 The distillation is carried out with a 1000 liter Bagno Maria discontinuous still. Reduced to 45% vol. with spring water from Monte Stivo.

Juniper is perceived on the nose, with slightly citrus final notes, good persistence and intensity. On the palate it is complex, dry, decisive, herbaceous, leaves the palate dry with pleasant notes of juniper, excellent persistence.



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