Novi Milk Chocolate Bar With Hazelnuts 130g

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Novi Milk Chocolate Bar With Hazelnuts

Through meticulous quality inspections and a tireless devotion to craftsmanship at their Ligurian production site, Novi Chocolate typify the excellence and distinction of Italian confectionery; from Ecuadorian cocoa beans to the finest Italian hazelnuts, Novi oversees their entire supply chain with superior scrutiny.

With acclaimed products such as the top-selling Nocciolato, Novi Chocolate stands at the vanguard of Italian chocolate bar manufacturers.

By selecting the best cocoa beans directly from their origin and roasting them in our plant, Novi guarantees for the extraordinary goodness of classic chocolate bars.



Sugar Hazelnuts Powdered MILK Cocoa butter Cocoa paste Emulsifier soy lecithin Cocoa: 30% minimum in MILK chocolate

May contain traces of MILK and ALMONDS

Made in Italy

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