De Cecco Tagliatelle With Egg Paglia e Fieno #108 250g

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A tasty variant of the classic Egg Tagliatelle, the Straw and Hay Egg Tagliatelle are enriched in the mixture of tender spinach leaves for dishes rich in taste, aromas and imagination.

They originate from the regions of northern Italy, in particular from the Emilian gastronomic and culinary tradition.

The Emilian origin of Tagliatelle is testified by their presence in popular sayings and idioms rooted among the Emilian people. We have an example of the deep Emilian roots of Tagliatelle in Pellegrino Artusi's "Science in the kitchen and the art of eating well": "Short accounts and long tagliatelle, the Bolognese say, and they say well, because long accounts frighten poor husbands and the short tagliatelle attest to the inexperience of those who made them and, served in this way, they look like a leftover from the kitchen. "

Their natural versatility makes them tasty with all types of condiments: they are excellent as dry pasta or pasta flans, fish and shellfish-based condiments, butter, white sauces based on soft cheeses and cream with milk are perfect. addition of curry or saffron.

  • Durum wheat semolina , fresh pasteurized eggs (23.87%), spinach leaves (5%). It may contain traces of soy .

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