Distilleria Marzardo Cocktail Negroni Set 3x20cl

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Cocktail Negroni Set

Amaro Marzadro (20 cl.),

Luz Gin (20 cl.),

Vermut Altolago (20 cl.),

Bottle and 2 glasses (modular)

Amaro Marzadro

Amaro Marzadro is inspired by the ancient recipes for herbal liqueurs of the Trentino tradition. Since the 1950s, Attilio and Sabina Marzadro have been collecting plants and herbs on the Monte Baldo massif, 2218 metres above sea level, which they used to flavour their spirits. After careful selection, Cape Aloe, Alpine Rhubarb, Greater Gentian, Chamomile, Fennel, Holy Thistle, Galega and different varieties of Yarrow are left to cold macerate for 20 to 30 days. Its red colour is also provided by rhubarb, which gives the liqueur a bitter and fresh flavour at the same time.

Alcohol Vol: 30%

Luz Gin

Leonardo Veronesi began the first experiments with the creation of Luz Gin in 2013. After years of experimentation with different botanical species, we managed to obtained a distillate that is both fresh and aromatic. Made by 9 botanical species, all from Trentino ( Juniper;Bay leaves; Olive leaves; Asperula; Rosemary; Sage; Clary Sage; Wild Mint; Lemon) left to infuse separately and subsequently distilled in a 1000 litre discontinuous alembic still.

Alcohol Vol: 45%

Altolago Vermut

"AltoLago" is derived from the experience of two neighbouring worlds. Madonna delle Vittorie, our wine cellar in Lake Garda, and our distillery located further north. Our Vermouth is a selection of ripened grapes for red and rosé wines, flavoured through processing at cold temperatures. This product is both complex and elegant, to be consumed on its own and mixed with other drinks.

Alcohol Vol: 16%

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