Galantino Extra Virgin Oil Dotted Bottles 500ml

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Galantino Extra Virgin Oil Dotted Bottles

The passion of a family who have been Oil Masters since 1926, milling with the traditional granite millstones, cold extraction and strict quality testing: this is the way we produce Galantino extra virgin olive oil.

With its fresh and smooth taste, it has won the most important international awards and is the perfect dressing for the best dishes.

The entrepreneurial activity of the Galantino family dates back to 1926, when Vito Galantino with great will and skill purchased a nineteenth-century mill and transformed it into an oil mill.

 Since then three generations have been involved in the milling activity, bringing it to levels of absolute quality.

 Today the Galantino Frantoio supplies itself with olives from its own farm and from 2,000 entrusted producers. The diligent harvesting of the drupes by hand or with modern facilitators at the right level of ripeness, the careful selection, washing and crushing with stone millstones, cold pressing and centrifugation, favour and enhance the taste and fragrance of our Extra virgin olive oil.

 The oil, subjected to laboratory control and organoleptic examination, is selected and certified by the Master Oil Maker.

In 1960 the Galantino family purchased the 47 hectare “La Fenice” farm, a green expanse of olive trees with over 15,000 plants of the Ogliarola and Coratina varieties. The olive harvest takes place by hand picking on sheets at the right level of ripeness from 15 October to 31 December.

The quality of the product is demonstrated by the care given to the olive trees and by a modern monitoring system for parasitic attacks, in order to limit the use of pesticides. 

All this allows the Extra Virgin Olive Oil to possess the best organoleptic qualities.


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