La Molisana Corti Bucati #108 500g

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Pasta La Molisana has a slightly rough surface to the touch, which retains the sauce, the taste reveals a calibrated consistency and flavour and an intense aroma of wheat to the nose. 

The eye is struck by the harmonious shapes and the warm color, an elegant, slightly amber yellow. Furthermore, it stands out for  its very high protein content , never less than 14%, which ensures extraordinary  toughness and resistance in cooking .

Like our  108 short bucati Fusilli:  bronze-drawn curls of pasta, with an unmistakable flavor and delicious texture. They manage to retain the sauce very well and surprise when they stretch, doubling the pleasure .

Our 108 holes short Fusilli  go well with  squid and artichokes,  simply with tuna or even baked au gratin.


7 minutes

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