La Molisana Ditali Rigate #47 500g

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La Molisana Ditali Rigate #47

Our pasta factory , located at 730 m above sea level at the foot of Monte Matese, boasts the distinction of being the highest in the center-south and the privilege of operating in a mountain area rich in waters with low mineral content, with a low fixed residue, constantly light, low-sodium and ideal for weaning babies.

A promise of quality of which La Molisana is an ambassador in the world with an assortment of  pastas of various formats . Among these we offer a wide selection of tubular-shaped durum wheat semolina pasta, different from each other in size and thickness.

Like our  striped thimbles 47 . This nice format is full-bodied at the right point and has dimensions that children like, and helps parents to bring to the table a varied and balanced diet, as suggested by the  Mediterranean Diet .

The latter in fact - recognized as the most complete dietary regime, so much so that  in 2010 it obtained the recognition of Intangible Heritage of Humanity by Unesco  -  places the consumption of cereals and in particular of pasta at the base of the food pyramid  and encourages its consumption on a daily basis due to its specific requirements.


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