La Molisana Ditaloni Rigati #42 500g

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In our Molino, located 500 m away from the Pastificio di Campobasso, the process of transforming durum wheat begins  , selected with obsessive care and expertise handed down for 4 generations. 

Before being ground, the grain is  stone-shelled  and carefully purified, reaching very high safety and health standards.

The result of the numerous grinding phases is a  very pure semolina , with an amber yellow color, with a pleasantly grainy consistency, perfect to be mixed with  water with low mineral characteristics originating in the heart of the Matese Massif .

This is the raw material that characterizes  our pasta . Like our  Ditaloni rigati 42: thimbles, tubes, tubes, smooth or striped  , differ in diameter and length. They take their name from the  thimbles  that were used to protect the fingers during sewing sessions, or from the tubes, which they are inspired by with different sizes.

In any case, what they have in common is their belonging to the large family of tubular pasta. They are generally associated with the little ones, because they are "small in size" and therefore easier to chew. Ours are all rigorously  bronze-drawn, have a delightfully porous surface,  important thicknesses and a protein index of  14% which guarantees excellent cooking resistance .

Characteristic especially appreciated for these formats that accompany  soups and broths , preparations in which the ability to resist stress and prolonged cooking is a fundamental element.


9 minutes

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