La Molisana Pantacce Toscane #106 500g

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Pasta La Molisana  is always made with the same criteria. Our promise at the origin is to make the heart of every single grain of wheat extraordinary.

La Molisana  is in fact part of the Ferro group, millers since 1910 and has the prerogative of managing the supply chain from field to table.

Pasta  is a simple product made of only two ingredients:  water and semolina  and for both of us we can speak of excellence. This is why  our pastas  are so special, because they are the result of this care and attention.

Like the  Pantacce Toscane 106 , originally from Tuscany often prepared at home, which have wavy edges, a square shape and are generally combined with legumes.

For us they are synonymous with a  traditional dish of pasta , very tasty, as prepared in the  Officina della Pasta  our  corporate chef .

In a mixture of aromatic herbs, the pork meat is browned   with pepper and juniper berries, the vegetables cut into strips are added and left to flavor. When  Pantacce Toscane 106  are al dente, they are left to stir in the sauce and absorb all the mediterranean flavour.


9 minutes


Durum WHEAT semolina pasta

Contains WHEAT & may contain SOY

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