La Molisana Penne Rigate #20 500g

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La Molisana Penne Rigate #20

The  Penne rigate 20  La Molisana are a real  must haves  that sees protagonists in numerous preparations: as the  dough in the oven , in which the  mozzarella , the  tomato and Parmesan , melted with heat and go to create a pleasant crisp coverage and golden that releases a scent of Mediterranean cuisine.

Among the many possible alternatives,  Penne rigate 20  are also delicious simply with a diced of   colored peppers ,  buffalo mozzarella and red onions all sprinkled with a drizzle of  extra virgin olive oil  and decorated with a few basil leaves and a pinch of dried chilli.


Durum WHEAT semolina pasta

Contains WHEAT & may contain SOY


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