Le Conserve Della Nonna Large Checkpeas 360g

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Ceci Giganti 

A legume with a high nutritional value but easily digestible, it is often present in traditional Italian recipes: from chickpea soup with mushrooms to marinara chickpeas and, for those who love to try their hand at foreign cuisine, Argentine or Mexican dishes based on chickpeas are to be discovered. boiled, also perfect for couscous.

Large, tasty and crunchy chickpeas. Rich in vegetable proteins and SOURCE OF IODINE, thanks to the use of a pinch of Presal® protected iodized salt, which guarantees an intake of absorbable iodine, an essential component for the proper functioning of the thyroid. Ideal for soups, soups or to enrich salads. 

Cooked naturally Preservative free


Chickpeas, water, iodized salt. GLUTEN FREE.

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