Luglio Extra Virgin Oil Organic 750ml

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Luglio Extra Virgin Oil Organic

100% Italian “Organic” extra virgin olive oil.

It has an intense aroma, which reflects that of the olives harvested from the plant at the right level of ripeness. With a delicate taste, it is characterized by the balance between bitter and spicy, of medium intensity.

It is recommended to use it raw, simply poured onto a slice of lightly toasted bread.

The 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil Luglio enhances the taste of salads, meat and fish, but also that of legumes and grilled vegetables.

Organic olive growing is carried out without the use of pesticides and pesticides. So that the plant can defend itself better and "naturally" from parasites, the soil is cared for using natural fertilizers and in full respect of the plant's rhythms.

Luglio organic extra virgin olive oil is best enjoyed raw, enhancing the flavors of vegetables, bruschetta, legume soups and fish. Our extra virgin olive oil from organic farming is ideal for all consumers who make the relationship with nature an authentic vocation.


Green fruity oil with hints of fresh olive, freshly cut grass and bitter almonds.

Oil characterized by a balanced flavour, with strong bitter and spicy sensations. Obtained from olives harvested at the right level of ripeness, with a full and fruity flavour, it retains all the natural characteristics typical of freshly pressed oil.

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