Parmalat Chef Béchamel Wholemeal (Lactose Free)500ml

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 Parmalat Chef Béchamel Wholemeal

 The Lactose-Free and Gluten-Free Bechamel Chef comes from Parmalat's experience in the world of bechamel. Wholemeal, creamy and full of flavour, it is ideal for unleashing creativity in the kitchen without feeling weighed down.

 Tasty and easy to digest, thanks to the splitting of lactose into its more easily assimilable components, glucose and galactose, it is dedicated to all celiacs and lactose intolerant people.

With wholemeal buckwheat flour, it is perfect for gratinating vegetables, guaranteeing your dishes an even more natural and tasty result.

Chef Lactose Free Bechamel, is a special help in the kitchen:

  • with all the creaminess of the Classic Bechamel
  • even lighter thanks to the splitting of the lactose


Bechamel is the queen of sauces, the protagonist of all those savoury preparations where the watchword is creaminess.

The lactose-free and gluten-free Bechamel Chef was created specifically to meet the needs of those who are lactose intolerant or prefer to consume foods without; in this way she will be able to enjoy this tasty and creamy ingredient in her dishes.

Instead of the classic flour, it is prepared with wholemeal buckwheat flour, which gives it a natural and very delicate taste.

Enveloping and velvety like the one you prepare at home in your kitchen, you can use it in many courses, for example to prepare tasty lactose-free lasagna, combining it with buckwheat sheets and other tasty ingredients.

Use it to flavor your lactose and gluten-free first courses and to make them soft and tasty, so that they have nothing to envy to other courses, neither in terms of taste nor appearance.

Tasty and light, because it's wholemeal and lactose-free, it's the perfect ingredient for your oven-baked recipes au gratin. Try it to flavor baked pasta or to enrich vegetables, it will win you over at the first bite.



Lactose -free skimmed milk*, lactose-free cream *, modified starch, wholemeal and husked buckwheat flour (1.5%), salt, thickeners: sodium alginate, carrageenan.

* lactose less than 0.1%



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