Ponti Balsamic Vinegar Of Modena Glaze IGP 250g

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Ponti Balsamic Vinegar Of Modena Glaze IGP

 This exquisite blend of Aceto Balsamico di Modena P.G.I. and cooked grape must offers a luxuriously full-bodied flavour, harmonizing sweet and sour notes with moderate acidity.

Its delicate aroma of cooked must is perfect for complementing meat, eggs, fish, and vegetables, and also for adding a hint of sophistication to desserts, fruit, and ice-cream.


Cooked must* Balsamic vinegar of Modena I.G.P.* 38% (wine vinegar, concentrated grape must, cooked must, colouring: caramel E150d) Wine vinegar* Colouring: caramel E 150d* Modified corn starch Thickener: xanthan gum *Contains sulphites

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