Quaranta Soft Nougat Cube With Pistachio 130g

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Quaranta Soft Nougat Cube With Pistachio Cream & Nuts 

Indulge in the decadence of Quaranta Soft Nougat Cube with Pistachio Cream & Nuts.

Crafted using finely-selected ingredients, it is a luxurious treat that will delight the most refined of palates.

This 130g cube of indulgence evokes a sense of sophistication and exclusivity with its exquisite mixture of flavors.


Sugar, ALMONDS, glucose syrup, honey, HAZELNUTS, PISTACHIOS NUTS, corn starch, sunflower oil, skimmed MILKEGG white, potato starch, MILK whey powder, LACTOSE, cocoa BUTTER, salt, concentrated (pumpkin, spirulina, apple) natural flavourings, Water, emulsifier, sunflower lecithins.

May contain traces of other NUTS, PEANUTS, SOY and SESAME SEEDS.

Gluten Free

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