Sale Alimentare (General Salt) Coarse 1kg

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The salt of Sicily is the salt of a gigantic natural salt pan , spontaneously formed 6 million years ago in the center of what is now Sicily.

From the water of that uncontaminated Mediterranean sea thanks to natural phenomena - sun, wind and strong evaporation - which lasted undisturbed for about 50 thousand years, well over two kilometers thick were formed.

The gigantic saline lens , consisting of crystalline salt deposits , rich in all the trace elements of that pristine sea, has remained enclosed in the heart of Sicily, in a large area that goes from the Madonie to the east coast, and, preserved among rocks and clays natural, has reached us intact .

Our mission today is to preserve the naturalness of Sicilian salt and make the purest crystals reach you intact , created by a spontaneous, entirely natural process of concentrating sea water that lasted thousands of years.

Precisely for this reason we only use purely mechanical techniques for the cultivation of rock salt - crushing and screening - and the Sicilian salt production chain is closed and in a saline environment, HACCP certified because it complies with the provisions of the laws on food hygiene. .

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