Sanpellegrino Oakwood Extract Tonic Water 4x20cl

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Sanpellingrino Oakwood Extract Tonic 4x20cl In Glass Bottle

A deliciously fragrant tonic water with hints of lemon and orange peel.

Subtle citrus fruits create a distinctive citrus taste bouquet with exceptionally delicate citrus hints for a non-intrusive aftertaste.

This unique, premium tonic water has a balanced complexity making it an ideal complement to many different types of mixed drinks and the perfect partner for a range of gins. The Sanpellegrino Tonica owes its fresh and delicate taste to the refined notes of citrus fruits that make it scented and well balanced.

Its distinctive profile is created by a sublime fusion of citrus fruits, blended perfectly. i.e. A gin & tonic can be enhanced with orange zest to give it a sweeter note, while the addition of lemon zest creates a sour finish.

Signature Cocktail suggestedGin + juniper berries + lemon zestOther botanicals to enhance the drinking experience: raspberries+ passion fruit + ginger

Best served chilled, ideally at 6-8°C.

A low glass tumbler is recommended for the best drinking experience.


Sparkling non-alcoholic beverage with citrus extract

Water, sugar, carbon dioxide, acid (citric acid), natural flavours, citrus extract, quassia wood extract, natural flavour (quinine hydrochloride)

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